Omega Altise Cooling Products


With the Omega Altise summer collection of portable cooling products tcan breeze through the hot, humid days and nights.

Omega Altise Heating Products


Omega Altise Heaters will warm you up with its unique energy saving magmatic heat retention tablet.


Portable Air Conditioners

Take control of summer heat with these portable air conditioners from omega...

Omega Altise Portable Air Conditioners Products

Box Fans

Your summer comfort is a real breeze with the box fan series. Lightweight, ...

Omega Altise Box Fans Products

Desk Fans

The omega altise range of desk fans deliver summer comfort at the flick of ...

Omega Altise Desk Fans Products

Floor Fans

When the mercury is rising on those hotter than hot summer days, omega alti...

Omega Altise Floor Fans Products

Pedestal Fans

Take control of the summer heat with the omega altise pedestal fan series. ...

Omega Altise Pedestal Fans Products

Tower Fans

Featuring clean contemporary lines for the fashion conscious home owner, om...

Omega Altise Tower Fans Products


Ceramic Heaters

The clean, contemporary look of the Omega Altise ceramic heaters will blend...

Omega Altise Tower Fans Products

Convector Heaters

The flow of warm air from your Omega Altise convector heater quietly heats ...

Omega Altise Tower Fans Products

Fan Heaters

All year round enjoy the convenience of warm air from an Omega Altise fan h...

Omega Altise Tower Fans Products