Micathermic Heaters


Micathermic Heaters consist of one or more elements that is made up of two parts:

  • Nickel alloy
  • Mica

Nickel Alloy is the thermal element used to generate suitable heat for the designated wattage. The nickel alloy is housed between two thin sheets of Mica.

The name Mica was derived from the Latin micare, which means to shine, and is the general term for a large group of crystalline minerals most commonly found in the form of scales and sheets. For heating purposes the mica, used in sheet format, acts as an electrical insulator.

Mica is a very stable mineral and is:

  • completely inert to the action of water, most acids, alkalis, conventional solvents and oils.
  • stable when exposed to electricity, light, moisture, and extreme temperatures.
  • fire proof, incombustible and non-fl ammable.

Mica is a good insulator of electrical current, but does not inhibit the transfer of heat.

The unique construction of a Micathermic heating element allows heat transfer rapidly throughout the whole element with very good uniformity.

The thin construction means that the unit heats quicker (it becomes hot almost immediately) and begins to heat the room sooner. The faster a heater can bring a room up to temperature, the less power it uses. No pre-heat time required.

Micathermic heaters weigh approx. 50% less than traditional oil column heaters. The light weight design makes them easier to move around the home to where it is needed.

Operating without the use of fans also ensures moisture levels of the room are maintained, eliminating the problems of dehydrated skin often associated with fan assisted heating.

As the heaters do not re-circulate dust or other allergens, micathermic heaters are suitable for asthmatics and those with respiratory problems.